Elisabeth's Writing Ramblings (elisabethx) wrote,
Elisabeth's Writing Ramblings

Every Ending is a New Beginning

Easy enough to say--not always so easy to keep at the forefront of your mind.

I remember when my editors have written me "Dear Journalist" notes--"I'm sorry to tell you that the June issue will be our last. It's been great working with you," blah blah blah--that hit me like a kick in the gut. Problem with me is, news like that always hits me that hard, even if it's not a pub I've written for in the past! So I was sorry to read the editor's note in the latest issue of The Los Angeles Times Magazine. (On the other hand.... I feel like this isn't the first time the magazine has "folded." Maybe it will be back in a new incarnation a few months hence. Stay tuned!)

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