Elisabeth's Writing Ramblings (elisabethx) wrote,
Elisabeth's Writing Ramblings

The Good, the Bad, and the Cranky

First, the Bad:

This morning I came across a freelancers' message board entry that nearly forced the coffee right out of my mouth. I paraphrase to protect the ignorant:

“Any tips for first-timers? After nearly a decade in a different field, I’ve decided to follow my bliss and write. All I need to do now is figure out how to make some money at it.”

Let’s just sit here for a moment and admire the glow from that little bit of brilliance.

Moving on.

The Good:

In his blog, Ed Yong gives color, life, drama! to the freelance writing process. Take a look and tell me this isn’t darn accurate. (Plus totally hilarious.)

The Cranky.

That’s me. Too much time surfing, too many poorly written, pointless pieces of so-called “commentary," too many self-satisfied voices screeching through the blogosphere. (On the other hand, I’ve perhaps been spoiled by the focus of my LiveJournal friends. Drat you, you thoughtful purveyors of thought, you!)

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