Elisabeth's Writing Ramblings (elisabethx) wrote,
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Last night we went to the House of Blues to enjoy the song stylings of Orange County “lounge legend” Phil Shane—who did not disappoint. (Beatles! Neil Diamond! Tom Jones! And his original—and fabulous—composition “Love on the Internet!”)

It was just the kind of break from real life that I needed. (No taxes. No underemployment. No queries. Just people enjoying enjoyable songs performed by a consummate performer totally enjoying performing.)

Just one little bit of deep thought marred the evening, and it came to me courtesy of Phil’s opening act, The Kid and Nic Show.

The jazzy song was inspired by something Nic’s Louisiana aunt once said. I tried really hard to remember exactly how it went, so naturally I completely forgot the exact words. But here’s the gist.

“Where you are, there you is. The destination—well, it looks like this.”


Thinking, dreaming, and planning for a wonderful future is fine. And the planning part is probably even vital. But it’s easy for me to lose sight of the present—to forget the mountains I already hiked to get to this vantage point—in my eagerness to scale the next peak and have an unencumbered view. Because the destination—well, it looks like this.

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