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Blog? What Blog?

I knew real life was getting in the way of my blogging (drat you, Real Life!), but I had no idea that I had missed a season and a third of Live Journal updates. Wow.


Okay—Real Life and a novel revision. A pretty dang successful novel revision. (At least, that’s what I intend to believe until my critique partner flings his editing tomahawk at my perfect little MG fantasy. Sigh.)


So, in the spirit of the season (and in the interest of not letting another blog-free day go by), I present a few holiday-themed observations.


  1. No one should let James Taylor sing Christmas songs. Ever. (I would not have believed “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” could possibly sound more lugubrious.)
  2. It may be better to give than receive, spiritually speaking, but it can also be a cartload more stress. (None of my near and dear suggested a belt-tightening gift-free Christmas this year.)
  3. Rain is as close as SoCal gets to a white Christmas, which is fab. Spinning out on a freeway offramp, however, can be the not-so-celebratory result of said seasonal weather. (On the plus side, I missed the pole and didn’t crash into any other drivers. Go me!)
  4. The 24-hour Wal-Mart may be my own special province at 5 AM usually, but I should perhaps not have been shocked to find it pretty darn packed at 5 AM the day before Christmas Eve.
  5. Don’t textile manufacturers believe boys ever wear scarves? Because all I see are lacy fine-knit things that no 14-year-old guy would be caught dead in. That, and stuff with pink stripes. And even for me, it’s a little late to start knitting now. (Especially since more than one scarf is required.)
  6. Even though I may secretly have considered entertaining such a sentiment one millisecond here or there, it is such a mood-crusher to hear people say, “I’ll be glad when Christmas is over!” (Wasn’t it Scrooge who said something about holding Christmas in our hearts? So, in theory, it’s never over? Wait—is that mood-crushing, too?)
  7. I hate disease. Especially when I am on the receiving end of the germ onslaught.
  8. Unfortunately, I also hate medication. (Seriously—why can’t someone invent a cough syrup that doesn’t make people want to retch?)
  9. Baking three batches of cookies in one morning may be overdoing it. Okay, is overdoing it. But it’s kinda worth it when you come in hours later from out in the rain and spinning out on the freeway offramp and the welcoming scent of gingerbread is still in the air.
  10. Yes, it’s a bunch more work and sometimes a bunch more stress, but this is still such a fun, warm-and-fuzzy time of year. Doncha think?? (Plus, imagine how wide-open your schedule will feel come New Year’s! Well, after you exchange all the presents you don’t want. And put the decorations away. And haul the tree to the curb.)


Happy Holidays!

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