May 10th, 2012

What's Your Favorite "Team" Anagram? *

When I first started editing The Publication--eight years and two editors after I started writing for it--I noticed that people were a little... hesitant around me. (These would be the other high-level professionals at the organization that The Publication represents--high-level professionals whose work is often featured in The Publication.)

As they figured out that I was super easy to work with (read: inexperienced. Or, alternatively, easy to push around), they got a lot less hesitant. And some of them got a lot more demanding. Particularly one guy I called Media Relations Boy. (Also The Wolfman, for his hair's overwhelming resemblance to Lon Chaney Jr.'s.) It didn't take me long to understand why my predecessor had stood a little apart from his colleagues at the organization--and why he'd been particularly distant from The Wolfman. And once the media relations team started making motions to take over The Publication, I realized how much damage my easygoingness could have done.

Luckily, Media Relations Boy moved on. The new guy comes across as a pleasant, professional person whose ambition is not likely to mow me over--he's focused on his job, not on taking over mine. So that made this morning's phone call all the more hyperventilation-inducing: he's been asked to collect representative pages of the last several issues of The Publication... and even he doesn't know why. 

We'll have a new boss coming in sometime during the next year or two--the timeline is vague, but the changeover is definite. Lots of us at the organization are worried about what that new leadership will mean to our future with the organization (new boss, new staff, right?). Last time the media relations team attempted a takeover, I was sure it was to create greater job security. Today's phone call smacks of the same. 

Hey--this is not the Hunger Games, people. You don't have to club me over the head in order to be a winner. 

* "Tame" and "mate" are sounding pretty good... but I'm feeling more like "meat." Dead meat. Gak.

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