June 9th, 2008

Ode to Trader Joe’s

Oh, the many reasons to love this little market chain.

The Greek-style yogurt.

The fresh flowers that stay non-dead in the vase for at least a week.

The pita chip rainbow: sesame, sea salt, cinnamon sugar.

The hummus! The dried cherries! The two-buck chuck! The hilarious and blog-provoking commercials!  


And now I add to that list: the laugh-inducing literary catalogues!


I quote from the Trader Joe’s 2008 Summer Guide:


“Lemon Tartes

“$3.49 for 2 tartes

“This dessert is such a tart, we almost called it Lemon Hester Prynnes. But then we’d have to put an ‘A’ on it, and it all sort of unraveled from there. So, we arrived at Lemon Tartes. Not as literary perhaps, but far more simple.”


I remember reading The Scarlet Letter when I was in sixth grade or so. The last 50 pages had me lying on my bed, crying so hard I could hardly see the words on the page. I thought it was the tragicalist, romanticalist story ever written. And now Trader Joe’s has appropriated that tween tearfest and made it a laugh riot.


Thanks, Trader Joe’s. You just make everything better!

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