April 30th, 2008

I Needed That!

I don’t often consider the fact that big laughs are one of the perks of my job editing a magazine for a particular patient population… until an especially big one (laugh—not patient) rolls along to remind me.


This morning in my inbox, this message was waiting for me:


I am not a member but, would like to possibly become one. My name is [name] and I am [age] and have had [disorder] since [age].  I recently, a couple months ago wrote a poem on [disorder], it really speaks to people who know exactly whats going on who have it.  I literally wrote it in 10 minutes.  Could I possibly have it in your next Magazine??


Allow that one to roll around inside your mind for a while. Appreciate the creative comma-ing. Ponder the missing apostrophe and the sudden capitalization. Consider the writing books you have read, and the advice that they all contain about how not to approach an editor—by sharing unimportant information (like age), mentioning how long you worked on a piece (perhaps especially if it is a shockingly short period of time), and not knowing the market (like pitching a poem to a publication that does not print them).


Now—don’t you feel better about yourself as a writer? (You’re welcome!)

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