April 16th, 2008

Seriously—What is UP with People?

Sometimes people are jerks (for more on this subject, see previous entry). And when you’re a pseudo-semi-public figure, like an editor, it is unfortunately to be expected that readers, and sometimes even contributors to your publication, will be have in an obnoxious manner.


But a colleague?? Someone who’s supposed to be on your side? (Okay, sidebar: exactly how naïve am I? Discuss amongst yourselves.)


Late yesterday afternoon I received an email from a colleague so sarcastic that my computer screen fairly crackled. On and on he went about the fabulous job I’d done on a recent issue, citing specific examples (some of them erroneous, but that’s a topic for another day). He then proceeded to expand his aim, and “compliment” the art department for reasons I don’t really understand (what’s a “modern color?” I know Crayola added some new hues to the big box, but surely that’s not what this person was referring to).


Then he went over the top—turning so sarcastic that he sounded completely sincere. It was baffling. I had to re-read the email, and even then I didn’t get it.


The best part: he copied like eight of our other colleagues, so they would all be well informed about what a loser editor I am.


Kudos, Mr. Colleague. Those years of honing your workplace etiquette skills have clearly paid off.

Seriously... would anyone mind if I just took an extended nap till next week rolls around?? I think that might be safest!

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