October 22nd, 2007

Just Ramblings

Too bleary-eyed to blog… but so…much…to… blog about! (Sorry… channeling my inner Kirk.)


·         Dumbledore gay? Really? So did not see that coming. But I spend far too little time wondering who is and who isn’t. In real life and in fiction.

·         “The Seeker: The Dark is Rising” is not a horrible movie, despite the horrible things the movie does to that fabulous, fabulous story. But I will tell you this: Ian McShane is NO Merriman! And I’m not altogether convinced that the casting director should not be punished for involving him in that role.

·         I don’t think it’s fair that grown-ups can still get “in trouble” with their friends. (I’m sure there are grown-ups out there who don’t. I am, unfortunately, not one of them.) Seriously: not everyone needs to know everything. (Except me. I really do need to know everything. Except the stuff I’m not interested in. Like algorithms and how car engines work. Among other things. But then, come to think of it, this may be the very attitude that my friends suffer from. Hence the getting-in-trouble. Sigh.)

·         Just an idea: wouldn’t supervising people work more efficiently if both the supervisor and the supervisee were aware of their relationship?

·         My finalfinalREALLYfinal draft of my MG fantasy is officially underway—meaning I have moved from obsessing and note-writing to actually composing. (and it’s going well but let’s not discuss it too much in case we jinx it)

·         I don’t like the heavy smell of wildfire, or the way it burns my lungs. But mostly I don’t like the way it instantly snaps me back to the fire that came closest to our house when I was growing up, and how terrified I was that it would reach us and all my books would be destroyed. Also my stuffed animals and my stamp collection.  

·         How is it possible that to-go cups and boxes could be made from corn? And how do you think we should interpret the following sentence: “In just 45 days these containers will return to nature at composting facilities nationwide.” The cynical side of me wonders if this is supposed to be misinterpreted, so readers believe that in 45 days the containers will biodegrade—but in reality, the sly copywriters are saying that in 45 days, the containers will be returned to composting facilities nationwide. Still—it’s better than Styrofoam.

·         Did I mention the bleary-eyed? More later. If there’s less blear.  

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