October 10th, 2007

Dribs ‘n’ Drabs

The best quote I’ve heard so far this week:

“You know that creamer in the fridge? And you know how, in the old days, in public pools, you used to have to wear swimming caps? That’s what it tastes like.”


My best “interview” so far this week:

A very patient investigator from a Midwestern police department returned my, like, fifth call to confirm details about a case I’m writing up for a kids’ magazine assignment. And not only did he continue to be very patient with me, he volunteered the fact that he’d already gone to court, and that the alleged thief had been going to fight the charge, but it turned out that he was wearing the exact same shirt he’d worn when the investigator questioned him immediately following his alleged crimes (the shirt had four vertical stripes in different colors, and was evidently very striking), and how the investigator mentioned to the prosecutor that the guy was wearing that same shirt, and that the prosecutor relayed that information to the defense attorney, and so the alleged criminal caved and ended up with a 13-year sentence. Last time we talked, the investigator volunteered the information that the alleged criminal had just been released from jail… where he’d been sent for robbing the same restaurant he’d gotten caught robbing this time. (My story—it may not surprise you to discover—is about stupid criminals.)


Just an observation:

Since I am still new to Office Life, this is just a guess on my part: but it is hard to imagine that supervising someone wouldn’t be easier if the supervisee were told that he/ she/ it had a supervisor. Or to put it more bluntly: secret supervising just seems silly. (Oo—a tongue twister!)


The big victory of the week:

Nessie and I cycled over to the library yesterday, where I picked out roughly 742 books for an assignment I got last week. And although I was far, far more wobbly than usual, and the sidewalk was surprisingly full of pedestrians, here is what happened:

  1. No books fell out of my basket
  2. I didn’t run any pedestrians over
  3. I didn’t crash into any cars, trees, or restaurant umbrellas (including the one very threateningly placed smack in the middle of the sidewalk)
  4. The bike and I both remained upright until we reached home. (We remained upright then, too, and Nessie rolled into the garage and I limped into the house to start reading.)


I’m closing in on an outline for my finalfinalREALLYfinal draft of my MG fantasy novel, still using The Wonder of Index Cards. I’m up to four colors of ink now, which is all fine and good. But the cards themselves have so proliferated that I’m having trouble keeping track of my various highways of thought, and where my alternate plots (because I haven't fully decided how some things are going to play out) intersect. It looks like The Borrowers are hosting an International Hopscotch Tournament in my living room. But the headache is all part of the process, right? (Right??)

Best comment overheard in the office so far this week: 
"That's the Patridge Family! [pleasantly surprised] I love the Patridge Family. [sigh]." --And the best best part of this comment is that the song that surprised this staffer is on a CD I made for a colleague--happy music to keep her mind off Boy Trouble. (The song, in case you're wondering, was the eternal classic, "I Think I Love You.")

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