September 28th, 2007

Be Nice to People—They’re Going to Die!

That is not exactly my philosophy—or, at least, it’s not the way I would phrase it. A friend of mine from junior high developed this saying in high school, and went on to sign it in every yearbook that came her way.


I was reminded of that this week twice: once while watching “Just Like Heaven” (I may have to forbid myself from watching romantic comedies for a while, as I seem to glean way too much philosophy, and way not enough comedy, from them), and once when someone who is supposed to be on a Very Strict Diet grabbed a handful of not-very-low-cal crackers, shrugged, and said to me, “Well, we’re all going to die anyway.”


As I am not that excited about crackers, I could not apply her statement to my own food situation. But it did strike me that that is a pretty damn good philosophy to keep in mind, particularly when you are trying to make yourself do something uncomfortable, to put yourself out there, to take a chance.


Go ahead! Send out that manuscript. Ask for that date. Apply for that job. State your true opinion. Get out of that unhealthy environment. Do what needs doing.


Whatever your views are on the afterlife, the fact is, you’re in this life now. Don’t let it drain away like blue-tinted nonfat milk. Sling it back like thick, foamy, dark beer. Or rich, warm coffee. (Mmm…  beer and coffee. Why doesn’t someone find a way to bring those two things together? Oh—wait—“Drew Carey Show.” Never mind.)


And if you want some crackers, geez… just crunch them down. Without regrets. Carpe cracker!

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