September 22nd, 2007

I am a Winner!

Of course, that’s what my mother always told me. But now I have proof that someone else thinks so too!


That someone would be Eric Luper, author of The Big Slick—or the judges judging his fabulous caption contest (anything involving foresty rodents is fabulous in mine eyes). Get all the details here.


This is big stuff, people. As big as the bookmark contest the Orange Public Library held when I was a sixth-grader. My slogan was good—“A chapter a day keeps boredom away”—but no doubt it was my impassioned drawing of a glasses-wearing bookworm that forced the library system in my fair city to photocopy my entry onto strips of colored paper and give them away as bookmarks.


No, I take it back. This is definitely bigger.


(Coincidentally—well, perhaps not—my critique partner  [info]davidbeall

was one of the two honorable mentionees. I feel this speaks volumes about our little group. It says, in fact, such things as: 
We are caption contesting geniuses

The judges of the caption contest are crazy the same way we are (although that might be best left to mental healthcare professionals to decide)

The publishing world better prepare itself… because we are On Our Way!) 


To celebrate, I went out and bought a beach cruiser. I have named it Nessie, for obvious reasons. (Beach cruiser, Loch Ness; beach cruiser, Loch Ness. Get it? No??? Ah, well.) 

Watch out, pedestrians! (Also motorists. Also other bicyclists.)


To further celebrate, today I whipped out a brand-new, still-cellophaned packet of index cards and began hacking my way through the murky forest of Plotting. This is for my finalfinalREALLYfinal draft of my MG fantasy. 

Also important to Index Carding is prolific coffee. And Sharpies.

Here’s what I conclude from the Index Card Exercise:

I have been remiss in relying on notebooks for so long. Index cards ROCK.

I may not be the total Plotting Loser I have long considered myself to be. 

Or, conversely, the Caption Contest results may be going to my head in a big way.


But any way you slice it… I have a signed copy of The Big Slick winging its way toward me (can’t wait can’t wait can’t wait!). Watch this blog for a full review.   

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