April 25th, 2007

Metaphor of the Week

If my brain were a sponge, it would be a sponge that had just scrubbed all the dinner dishes, pots and pans, and silverware, had had the spaghetti sauce and salad dressing rinsed from it, had had every drop of soapy water squeezed out of it, and was left on the edge of the sink to recover.


You ever get that feeling?


This is the kind of week that makes me want to take a vacation (which is really saying something! While I enjoy traveling, and seeing new places, and doing new things, “vacation” really isn’t my favorite mode of living. It is very hard work for me to relax so much all at once!).


But the problem is: you can’t actually take a vacation from your life. Because wherever you go—you’re there. If I could take a vacation from my brain, now that would really be something. I’d leave it in some jar filled with vitamin-enriched juices and maybe some freesia-scented lotion (I do love freesia), and when I came back for it, we’d both be relaxed and refreshed and ready to renew our acquaintance.


Instead, I sit here feeling weary of the exotic locations I’ve been researching for about two weeks (my ecotourism story is due WEDNESDAY and that seems very very close right now); feeling baffled by my middle-grade fantasy novel (I had not outlined the third third of it, since so much of the rewrite of the second third had not yet been decided, and now everyone’s doing crazy stuff that I didn’t really expect them to do. I am confident that this is actually a very good thing, but it does leave me feeling like they’ve all been having secret meetings to which I was not invited. And that just seems rude); and feeling completely kerfuffled by real life (although that is generally a good state for me to be in—you know, when things get so weird that you just throw up your hands and say to the universe, “Okay, fine! You handle it, then. I’m out!” Because really, that’s the way things actually go, right? You can only do as much as you can do—and worrying about the results is just pointless).  


Anyway, I don’t have a jar of vitamin enriched juices, and I hesitate at the thought of removing my own brain (even temporarily). So in lieu of that, I think I’ll go for a walk. Hope you’re having a stable week, whatever you’re doing!

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