April 18th, 2007

More About Things I Don’t Want to Do

So I can tell I’m having a bad work patch when mopping the kitchen sounds like fun compared to what I ought to be doing. Today was so bad I actually considered pulling the fridge out and dusting the coils (I read somewhere that you should do that regularly. My fridge turned 13 months old last week. So I hope regularly means “once every year and a little bit.”) .


This is what I’ve accomplished so far today:


·       Drafted a column segment and sent it to the public service person who didn’t know I was going to be attending her talk, so I offered to let her review her quotes. (She only had two corrections, and one was a misspelled name. A much better experience than the medical researcher who also decided to correct my grammar and rephrase my golden words to better suit his taste. This is why you should never let the subject of your article review it.)

·       Emailed 18,000 people, most of them for the big fat article for a big fat market. It’s going to be a major undertaking, this piece, but so far so good.

·       Mopped the kitchen.

·       Mopped the bathroom.

·       Ran some errands. (Okay, two. But one of them required going to practically the other end of the county. Yes, it’s a very small county. But still.)

·       Laundry. (Just a little bit.)


Obviously this list is exactly what I needed to do, because it shows what a slacker I am. Do you see “wrote chapter draft” on there? Or “drafted piece about political issue that is going to be very touchy but the interview went fabulously earlier this week, so we are feeling somewhat less pessimistic about it?” Or “added in expert quotes for disgusting but fun story that an amazing children’s magazine asked to see, and I haven’t yet sent in?”


No. No, you don’t.


So that’s it for today’s blog. Off I go to be more productive. (After I check the laundry. Natch.)  

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