December 29th, 2006

The Power of a Good Script

Each year, the Old Towne Preservation Association sponsors a holiday decorating contest in the historic district known as Old Towne Orange.*  Not infrequently, the 200 block of North Pine wins “Best Block.” This year it came through again, with international flair—and some unexpected decorating choices. But who am I to say that there may be something out there more festive than a Soup Nazi?



Unless perhaps it’s a commemoration to interesting deceased individuals such as Holocaust victim Anne Frank and unhappy artist Vincent Van Gogh? (Also pictured: Audrey Hepburn and Rembrandt.)


This was one of my favorite houses. It just exemplifies neighborly teamwork, don’t you think? Also that “Christmas spirit” need not actually be tied to a particular sect.


The rare snowman of color. (A particularly courageous one, too, braving it out next to tiki lights.)


And now to resume the “Seinfeld” reference established in my first paragraph, a salute to Frank Costanza’s non-sectarian winter holiday. (And thus powerfully concludes the writing reference of this blog. I mean, how many years ago did the “Seinfeld” season finale fizzle out? And yet people still use Seinfeldian references to coax a chuckle out of other people. What a well-constructed fictional world, with catchy plot twists and durable turns of phrase!)


* I would have posted these photos more appropriately before Christmas, only my camera took last week off. See previous post for details.


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