October 10th, 2006

More Fun with Spam

I know, I know—it’s a gift to be so easily entertained. But wouldn’t you be amused if you had the following spam in your inbox?


“Anamorphic Dispensary.” (It makes me think of a Michael Crichton novel.)


“Aqueous Composure.” (Coincidentally, I was interviewing an aquarist at the Ocean Institute in Dana Point yesterday about her work with jellyfish. “Aqueous composure” seems eerily apropos. More soothing than a lava lamp, those jellies.)


“Crispin Byword.” (So Avi has pretty much staked his claim on the name Crispin. I still think this could totally work as a secondary character’s name. A Dickensian sort of secondary character—the kind who’s actually way more entertaining than the main characters. Not that that phenomenon is one I am personally familiar with in my own work. Certainly not.)


And today’s winner:


“Cody Camelback.” (Now if that isn’t a name just begging to tell a story, I don’t know what is.)