September 27th, 2006

Note to Self: Buy Lottery Ticket

I had no idea it was going to turn out to be one of those weeks. (Of course, I usually don’t. The pat on the back is always just as unexpected as the kick in the teeth, isn’t it? That’s part of the fun: no matter how awful it gets sometimes, life is just never boring. [Except when it is. And that's really the worst—when it's just plain boring.])


But then yesterday I received a little shipment from Carus Publications, creators of the very excellent children’s literary magazine Cricket. The arrival of Cricket in the mail is always a pleasant surprise—but especially if my name is one of those listed in the table of contents, as is the case this month. (And will be the case next month, too, when part two of “The Knights’ Cavern” brings my retold Welsh folktale to its conclusion.)


I don’t normally read my own work after it’s published—it’s too annoying to spot sloppy phrasing I should have caught earlier, or to realize that a piece of a sentence mystically disappeared somewhere between layout and printing.


But this time I did. And even though I did catch some sloppy phrasing, and I had the itch to revise part of the introduction, it was a major thrill to see my work in the pages of my favorite childhood magazine for the very first time. (And Patricia D. Ludlow’s elegant illustrations are more than I could have asked for!)


As if that weren’t enough, this morning I received another unexpected surprise: the layperson-friendly rephrasing of a very technical section of a magazine article I’d requested (see previous entry for details). Two full days earlier than I’d reasonably expected it (three, really, it arrived in my inbox so early today). 


If things keep going at this pace, I fully anticipate the Nobel Committee to phone sometime tomorrow afternoon. Or for Sean Connery to drop in for tea. Just a little something to keep the positive momentum going.